According to Jennifer Hidding, director of interactive health management of consumer solutions at OptumHealth, a main focus of health and wellness coaching in 2009 will be on general wellness as a means to combat the current obesity epidemic. However, it will not be the only trend the health coaching community will see in 2009. Hidding discusses how some new developments — coaching without a coach, holistic coaching, online personal health coaching and President Bush’s mandate for mental healthcare parity — will affect coaching in the year to come and beyond. Hidding, along with Roger Reed, chief consumer engagement architect with Gordian Health Solutions Inc., will examine how health coaching is evolving as an industry as the growth in health coaching continues during a November 12, 2008 webinar, Health and Wellness Coaching in 2009. They will also look at what trends will impact health and wellness coaching in 2009, including incentive and technology use, coaching theories and ROI developments.

Source: New Developments in Health Coaching for 2009