I recently came across the really interesting device called MYO . I really can’t do the device justice, so I’ll just share this video which will do a much better job showing the gesture controls that are possible with the MYO. I love how it senses even changes in the muscle. I love when description that says that the response sometimes feels like it responds before you even move since it senses your muscle before the movement is even done. Pretty amazing. There are has to be so many possible uses for a next generation gesture device like MYO in healthcare. I’ve been thinking a lot about effortless EHR interaction and where it could go. I wonder if MYO and other gesture control systems can dramatically improve a physician’s interaction with an EHR. Plus, the most exciting thing of all is that I think we’re still in the very early days of what’s going to be possible with gesture control and human computer interaction in general. Pair this with always on ubiquitous computing like is being shown with Google Glass and we’re just at the very beginning of the computing revolution. I guess we’ll see if healthcare decides to lag behind these new technologies or whether we’ll ride the wave of transformation. Related posts: Mobile vs Computer and the Patient Interaction Does Patient Interaction Lock a Doctor In to an EHR? Is Physician Interaction Bad Regardless of EHR?

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Effortless EHR Interaction