This post was inspired by Dave Newman’s post which listed his 4 favorite health IT bloggers. In his list, I’m in great company alongside Marsha Tatt, Shahid Shah and Ed Marx. What I loved about Dave’s description of each is that you knew he actually read each of the sites regularly since he summed us each up very well.

Also to answer his question “Does he [John Lynn] ever sleep?” Yes, I do sleep. My favorite response is “Sleep is for the weak…and sometimes I’m weak.”

I think the reason I loved Dave’s post so much is that it hearkened me back to my early days of blogging where people would do posts like this all the time. This was pre social media. Twitter didn’t exist and Facebook was for college campuses. The idea of a healthcare IT blogging “community” has kind of gone away in a lot of respects. There are a bunch of bloggers, but not much of a blogging community.

I miss those days, but I’m not sure it’s an awful thing. The reason there was a blogging community before was that the blog was the only format people had to share their ideas and thoughts about what was happening. So, the blogs and the comments of blog posts was this amazing way to connect with people who had common interests. That blogging community has now moved to social media where we have Twitter communities. Many people who were blogging and who would blog are now just sharing their thoughts on Twitter and other social media. In many ways that’s a lot easier than starting a blog. Plus, those communities are really strong.

What’s clear to me is that people’s desire to connect with other people in a community and people’s desire to share their ideas and thoughts will never end. It’s just the format that will change.

With all of that said, I still have a friendly affection for bloggers. Particularly bloggers that can slay the content beast and regularly publish thoughtful content. While I like many of you don’t follow that many bloggers fanatically like I might have done before (I use social media to bubble up the interesting content), I still am fond of some really exceptional healthcare IT bloggers who I do read regularly. Here are 4 of the many I could highlight.

Life After Epic – Epic is the Apple of Healthcare IT. They have such tremendous fan following on each side. Plus, they are incredibly secretive about many of their business practices. Everyone likes to know a secret, so it’s always fun to read some of the behind the scenes insights that Life After Epic provides. I hope he/she brings on some other former Epic people to contribute content to the site so that the site is always updated on the latest perspectives. In fact, they need a …read more