HIMSS Analytics Announces 1st System To Reach Stage 7 Ambulatory #EMR Adoption Model bit.ly/17qHmF2 #hitsm — Perficient Health IT (@Perficient_HC) April 10, 2013 And every ambulatory doctor said, “Who cares?” Then they heard the answer, “Your new boss, the hospital CIO.” My new blog post: “EHR” Has Finally Caught Up With “EMR” In Google Trends chuckwebster.com/2013/04/ehr-wo… — Charles Webster, MD(@EHRworkflow) April 10, 2013 It only cost the government a $36 billion program to make it happen. I still prefer the term EMR, but it basically doesn’t matter to me now. I use them interchangeably (as you might have noticed).

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