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uploaded via http://www.powershow.com ) In order to streamline our transcription services, our technical experts created document management software that i…

See http://www.socialmediahit.com/ for more information. Hospital systems and State and Federal governments have been focused on implementing electronic heal… Video Rating: 5 / 5

Vodafone commissioned research in order to better understand the current approach to healthcare delivery amongst health care professionals and their patients… Video Rating: 5 / 5

The future is here, and it’s in data analytics. The movement to value-based healthcare has been building for a number of years, but it has been accelerated b… Dr. John Armstrong of Lead Horse Technologies talks about how InterSystems’ technology enables his product, Medloom, to help save lives by applying advanced … Video Rating: 0 […]

With a two-fold increase in adoption since 2006, use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in community-based practices in Canada has yielded efficiency and patient care benefits valued at $1.3 billion, an independent study commissioned by Canada Health Infoway and  prepared by PwC  reveals. The study drew on more than 250 research publications from around the world and includes up-to-date Canadian results from recent studies and surveys

Keith Figlioli is senior vice president of healthcare informatics of Premier of Charlotte, NC. Give me some background about yourself and your job. I’m the senior vice president of healthcare informatics at Premier

HIMSS Analytics Announces 1st System To Reach Stage 7 Ambulatory #EMR Adoption Model bit.ly/17qHmF2 #hitsm — Perficient Health IT (@Perficient_HC) April 10, 2013 And every ambulatory doctor said, “Who cares?” Then they heard the answer, “Your new boss, the hospital CIO.” My new blog post: “EHR” Has Finally Caught Up With “EMR” In Google Trends chuckwebster.com/2013/04/ehr-wo… — Charles Webster, MD(@EHRworkflow) April 10, 2013 It only cost the government a $36 billion program to make it happen. I still prefer the term EMR, but it basically doesn’t matter to me now. I use them interchangeably (as you might have noticed).

HIMSS Analytics, a division of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), has announced that 54 Essentia Health ambulatory clinics, located in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin, have reached Stage 7 on the Ambulatory EMR Adoption Model (A-EMRAM).

Today’s EHR and HIT News focuses on customer acquistion news with updates from Royal Solutions Group, eClinicalWorks and Perceptive Software.  There is also an announcement of a group of cloud based services that can help achieve meaningful use from Evolve Exchange.

Since 2005, HIMSS Analytics has tracked progress of electronic medical record implementation with its EMR Adoption Model? (EMRAM) for hospitals

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