We all know that October 1, 2014 is the date when ICD-10 will go live in the US (if you didn’t know that shame on you, but you know now). There have been plenty of rumblings that ICD-10 is going to be delayed…again. In fact, I even hypothesized that the Healthcare.gov debacle could prompt HHS to delay ICD-10 again.

While I think that there are plenty of reasons why they could choose to delay ICD-10, I now think that there’s no way HHS is going to delay ICD-10 (meaningful use may be another story). There’s so much momentum behind ICD-10 and with the previous delays, I think HHS will go forward with ICD-10 regardless of whatever reasons people come up with for delay.

Is your organization ready for ICD-10? What do you think about the possibilities of a delay? I’m interested to know your views in the comments, but for those too shy to comment I’ve embedded a poll below where you can rate delay or not on a scale from 1 to 5.

In a more complex question to answer, I’m also interested to know if readers think their IT and EHR vendors will be ready for ICD-10. Vote in the poll below.

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