One of my readers sent me a link to a new site they’re developing called SaveTimeMD. This website was created as a response by an internist and EHR developer that was tired of seeing so many EHR usability problems. He decided that he’d take usability problems from users and make videos explaining how he’d resolve the EHR usability issue.

I think the concept is quite interesting. Many might ask why he doesn’t just build the perfect EHR if he’s so good at solving the usability problems. That’s the way my entrepreneurial mind would work. However, some people don’t approach problems with that entrepreneurial mindset. I’m not sure this doctor’s motivation, but I think the concept is quite interesting.

Here’s one of the videos he’s created that talks about intuitively navigating an EHR:

What do you think of the video? More importantly, what do you think of the idea of someone offering answers to your EHR usability challenges which you could take back to your EHR vendor?

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