Spiritual support, in-room WIFI access, improved housekeeping and valet parking are just a few of the perks hospitals have added to boost patient satisfaction ratings. In this month’s healthcare benchmarks podcast, Melanie Matthews from the Healthcare Intelligence Network describes how 146 healthcare organizations rank their own efforts to improve patient satisfaction. She also shares key metrics from the 2011 survey on Improving Patient Satisfaction and Experience, including the most important aspect of the care delivery experience and preferred formats for patient surveys. Patient satisfaction is an important driver of core measurement scores. Dr. Steven Berkowitz, president of SMB Consulting, shares his formula for achieving 100 percent performance on core measures and describes an incentive program for drivers of the quality measures. Need more data from this survey? Download a complimentary executive summary at: http://www.hin.com/library/register_satisfaction2011.html.

Source: The Patient Experience: How to Keep the Healthcare Customer Satisfied