SecureCare has announced the release of an updated version of Sfax – its secure, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based faxing product. Sfax v3 maintains the essential benefits that keep faxing relevant but removes the pain associated with manual faxing by bringing it to the cloud. Healthcare organizations rely on fax for business-critical documents – Sfax v3, now faster and more efficient, offers easier workflow management for groups to work together and collaborate. “People say ‘fax’ like it’s a dirty word, but really, faxing is just misunderstood. Faxing is universal and ubiquitous with inherent security and an audit trail. It unites companies large and small – from sophisticated cities to remote areas.  Unquestionably, the manual aspect, though, sucks. Our top priority in developing the latest version of Sfax was to change the way people think about faxing,” said Aleks Szymanski, CEO, SecureCare. “We have spent the last two years listening to our customers, understanding their pain points and challenges in meeting compliance requirements and have developed a product that helps get their job done.” SecureCare’s customer-based research led to new features, including: Administrators have increased control over their Sfax account.  They can manage users, access and permissions, security settings and generate reports – allowing them to configure their account for maximum efficiency. Annotations (text, rectangles, circles, check marks, crosses) and legal digital signatures that meet government requirements – just drag on the page and edit as you need. Unlike manual faxing or fax servers, Sfax enables users to send and receive unlimited faxes at the same time.  Customers will never experience a busy signal again.  Retries are handled automatically too. Manage your contacts into groups and share them across your organization or keep to yourself. Find contacts with a powerful search, plus easily import and export to synch data. A central web portal for groups to work together, collaborate, view, file, send or export documents, no matter where individual users are based. Changes made to documents are reflected for the entire group. Enhanced search and filtering with custom folders make organizing, finding and filing documents easier than ever. Increased audit control features including a full history of each document for regulatory compliance. Alongside an enhanced Windows version, there is a new version of Sfax for Macs that uses a virtual printer driver so users can seamlessly send documents from any application or web page.

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