Anxiety caused by the wait for a non-urgent appointment or lack of awareness that they are assigned a primary care physician are just two barriers to appropriate ER utilization by a diverse Medicaid population, explains Laura Linebach, director of quality improvement at L.A. Care Health Plan. As part of a health plan-hospital collaboration with a goal of reducing non-acute ER use by children ages 1 to 19, L.A. Care Health Plan has launched a Nurse Advice Line and developed a range of materials to educate parents about appropriate use of the ER. Ms. Linebach describes these tools as well as a metric in L.A. Care Health Plan’s pay for performance program that measures group providers’ appropriate resource use. Laura Linebach presented during “Reducing Avoidable Medicaid ER Visits With a Community Partnership Approach,” a 45-minute webinar on May 9, 2012, during which she shared the inside details on how the health plan worked with the hospital to target avoidable ER use and results from the initiative.

Source: Reducing Avoidable Medicaid ER Visits With a Community Partnership Approach