By Maribel Franey Improving the delivery of health care is the focus of the eHealth initiative. But eHealth also involves promoting standards and processes that will enable patient information to be shared in a more efficient and timely manner, while ensuring the data is kept private and secure. This brings me to the topic of privacy and security. What is the big deal about privacy and security, anyway? Importance of Privacy & Security The goal of privacy and security is to ensure that the technologies and information that are generated as part of the eHealth initiative are only used for their intended purposes. Privacy and security of patient information is just one part of eHealth, but it is arguably one of the most important components. HIMSS Highlights At this year’s HIMSS conference, my presentation will focus on making the patient the central focus in discussions about eHealth, privacy, and security. How do we assure a patient that his or her information is secure, and that it will only be used and disclosed for its intended purposes? What are the security, privacy, and governance questions that we need to work through to make information security happen? Are the current privacy and security rules enough, or does more need to be done to ensure necessary governance and oversight of patient information? I will explore these topics more in my HIMSS presentation. Keeping Privacy & Security as the Focus No matter what your business interest, whether it is developing new software or other technology to advance electronic health records, improving interoperability through standards or other means, or if it’s bringing new health care products to market, the bottom-line is that privacy and security are foundational pieces of the eHealth initiative. I am confident that we can work together to make sure that the patient’s privacy and security interests are central in our eHealth discussions. I hope you will attend my session at the conference. Filed under: Uncategorized

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Privacy and Security’s Role in the eHealth Transformation