RT @RickeyGillespie: Patients & lifelong learning should be our focus instead of the medical acronym (CPT, RVU, EMR, MOC, CME, EBM) horde.

— Inge Roeniger (@ingeroeniger) December 2, 2013

I’m a little torn on this tweet. While I agree that there is too much administrative overhead in healthcare that distracts from patients and lifelong learning, I also think that things like EMR could contribute to both. A well implemented EMR software can help doctors focus on patients and help the doctor learn. This is certainly not the way most doctors look at EMR. Is this an EMR image problem or EMR software that’s not living up to its potential?

#HealthcareIT News: Docs tap EMR data for disease research – In the realm of modern healthcare, data is king. And,… http://t.co/VkNtGnOOnr

— Mandi Bishop (@MandiBPro) November 26, 2013

Of course, you have to take this tweet with a grain of salt since it comes from our very own Big Data Geek, Mandi Bishop. However, it’s an interesting topic of discussion. How important is the EMR data in healthcare today?

New Blog > Is your EMR data really real-time? Most likely no — and the data may also be inaccurate. http://t.co/sebZ61yrDu #RTLS

— Versus Technology (@VersusTech) November 25, 2013

This tweet is related to the healthcare data tweet above. We all know that the EHR data isn’t perfect. Although, it’s worth noting that the paper chart wasn’t perfect either. However, I was more interested in the idea of real-time EHR data. I don’t think we’re there yet, but I’m interested to see how we could get there.

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