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The American Hospital Association urges CMS and ONC to quickly adopt plans that were identified in its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that would give hospitals flexibility in the combinations of EHR certification and Meaningful Use stages that are permitted for 2014. AHA observes that the proposals are last minute given that the last FY2014 reporting period is July through September 2014 and the NPRM’s comment period won’t be finished until that reporting period is underway, meaning that “hospitals are essentially being asked to act on faith that the agencies will finalize these proposals as written while risking that they may not.” AHA also wants the 2015 reporting period shortened to 90 days and to avoid setting a firm October 2016 start date for MU Stage 3 given that “fewer than 10 hospitals and 50 EPs had attested to Stage 2” as of mid-May.

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From Clueless About HIT: “Re: magazine’s Top 100 ‘HIT’ vendors. Many represented their revenue from payers, life sciences, and government health as ‘HIT.’ This includes Cognizant, Optum, Infosys, TriZetto, Syntel, and Edifecs. Either these vendors are clueless about what ‘HIT’ means or they are deliberately misreporting. It also speaks volumes about publications that come up with these lists.” I never even look at those lists, to be honest. They’re great for the magazines who make them up to sell ads, but even if the numbers are accurate (and that’s obviously dependent on interpretation), who cares? Bigger vendors aren’t necessarily better vendors, and anyone who would make a buying decision based on a company’s annual revenue is likely to be disappointed. I think I’ll sell spots on a “Coolest Vendor” list and donate the proceeds to charity – at least some good would come from it.

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This week on HIStalk Practice: ARcare CIO Greg Wolverton talks agility and mandatory EHR training. Virginia’s “people problem” gets in the way of HIE. Mobile access to EHRs takes a back seat to workflow. Physicians may be the biggest barrier to HealthKit’s success. Dr. Gregg pontificates on the inevitability of change. The Brookings Institution highlights the top challenges of Medicare ACOs. ONC leadership changes have some questioning the longevity of the Meaningful Use program. Thanks for reading.

This week on HIStalk Connect: Former National Coordinator Farzad Mostashari, MD, launches a startup that will focus on optimizing EHRs for primary care practices interested in joining an ACO. Dr. Travis discusses the promising but very new telecharting market. In an effort to keep up with Apple and Samsung, Google will unveil its new health data platform at next week’s Google I/O developers conference. …read more