By Rob Gurganious 3/19/2014

Exactly twenty years after Germany was defeated in WWI a small statured megalomaniac named Adolf Hitler decided enough was enough and marched German forces into Austria in direct violation of the Treaty of Versailles and St. Germain.

The following month the Nazis held a referendum asking the “people” to ratify the
Fait accompli. When the votes were counted it was miraculous – 99.7561% of the people voted to ratify.

No military confrontation took place despite the Allies having commitment to uphold treaty law and stop this extraordinarily well executed coup d`etat from happening. There was grumblings and words and talk of sanctions but, in the end, the Allies allowed this man take Austria.

Now, just a few years beyond the 20 year anniversary of the Soviet Union being defeated in the cold war another sociopath, Putin, though not as highly decorated or effective a soldier as Hitler had been during World War I, Putin did serve in uniform during the cold war as a spy – and a very bad one at that, tasked to serve in posts that were just shy of punishment duty.

Then entering politics, in a similar way to Hitler once again, he bullied his way, rigged votes, and when his time was up, arranged for his good friend Medvedev to become president and appoint him, Putin, prime minister.

Medvedev, a wealthy industrialist, ensured Putin’s hands would remain in the game and eventually, with the election laws conveniently changed, Putin would be elected to a third term.

Again, the parallel seems striking – if not for Hugenberg and Papan and Speer and Krupp and Siemens and Porsche and a few other heavyweights in the political and corporate world Hitler would never have been appointed to the new position of Chancellor. Hitler also stated 2 years prior that he would only pursue political power though democratic elections which, in a twist of irony, is how it came to be that he would be named Chancellor – by showing a strong second against Hindeburg, Hitler’s industrialist friends convinced Hindenburg to “give the guy a title but be “independent of politics”. That was a mistake that all others would follow.

Yet so effective was his Anschluss, so perfectly timed when the world had enough war, so weak did he see his enemies, weak in character and integrity without the moral fortitude to strike, so weak were they that he took two countries with nary a cry out from anyone. On entering Poland, September 1st, 1939 it was still two days before war would be declared – but only several more before the entire country was in the hands of Germany and the Soviet Union.

There followed an ethnic cleansing that sickens to this very day.

And here it comes again. The annexation the Crimea, stepping stone to the Ukraine, a classic pincer movement to be executed, no doubt, in blitzkrieg fashion, tremendous resources and ethnic peoples once crushed under a new “Soviet”. The Crimean Tartars expelled by Stalin, who had slowly returned home in the years since now face the Evil Empire once again. Will simple expulsion be enough for Putin or will he go the route of his predecessor, Hitler, and cleanse the region of those he dislikes?

And there are those of us of high morals, possessing a conscience, the character to protect the weak as we’ve been sworn to do yet, in my opinion, we can’t. Putin’s timing is excellent. Not only have Americans had enough war these past 23 years, but President Obama has stripped us of our most brilliant military commanders – because they told a hard truth he didn’t want to hear and our borderline-treasonous Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is in the middle of a slash and burn operation that is lowering our readiness to uphold treaties, protect the weak from oppression, and in no way leave us prepared to fight a two-front war. It’s unlikely, without significant casualties, that we could face Putin and win at this time.

Our troops are better – always have been – better trained and motivated and, unfortunately, they are certainly better  experienced men and women. But they’ve been fighting a long time. And there’s that timing again, annex the Crimea, bolster it with troops, while building up along the northern borders of Ukraine and, when things seem to settle down and the world realizes Putin has his prize – he rolls again – right into Kiev. Not only is he now a defender, but he’s commanding a Russian army in Winter against, should we attack, American troops that haven’t fought a cold weather battle in 80 years.

President Obama is a good man. Who won on charisma and a solid, smart, functional “civilian” brain – meaning an outside the beltway brain. And many on his side of the aisle look on and say “yeah – slash and the burn the military, we have illegals to take care of…” and that sounds great, I wish we could – truly – but it reminds of that childhood adage “It’s all well and good until somebody loses and eye…” – well these stakes are much higher than just losing an eye.

Lots of balls, few brains, a little luck, a weak America, and timing and now we realize Like Churchill and DeGaule, despite the ramblings of “I know the man” coming from Chamberlain, the calamitous mistake that was made in electing some so ill-suited to the white house that one of two things may happen: 1.) He thinks he can win and sends our troops in – God help him and hope that he’s right! 2.) He realizes it’s sanctions and referendums and watches a huge chunk fall back under the muzzle of mother Russia.

But what do I know – I’m just an IT guy.