Outsourced UPMC workers protest cuts

Transcriptionists at Pittsburgh’s UPMC protest the decision to outsource their jobs to Nuance. The workers were offered remote positions with Nuance, but at a significant pay cut.

ONC Patient Safety Webinar

ONC will hold a meeting on its recently announced patient safety plan. The meeting will be held this Wednesday, July 10th, at 3:45pm EDT.

Low sign-up for Australian eHealth records

In Australia, the highly publicized national patient portal is criticized after the one year anniversary of its launch passes with only two percent of the Australian population having created an account on it.

Open Letter to Chuck Hagel: DoD still doesn’t know what the hell they are doing

VistA expert Tom Munnecke publishes an open letter to Chuck Hagel in which he explains why implementing VistA would be a logical choice for the DoD and why a commercial solution would be an expensive mistake. He uses England’s NPfIT failure as an example of what can go wrong when a national strategy is centered around integrating multiple systems and points to the NHS’s recent decision to evaluate the use of VistA as a single, integrated solution as validation of that approach. The letter makes some compelling points, but ultimately the DoD is not accountable for the care delivery, benefits claims, or the health and wellness of veterans. The DoD is responsible first and foremost for accomplishing its missions, and then second to that, for the health and wellness of its soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen. The VA can demonstrate a clear and direct benefit for developing an integrated EHR with the DoD: reduced claims backlogs and streamlined workflows for its personnel. These benefits extend to the veterans being served by the VA because they receive the services they need faster and with less aggravation. At this point, it appears that the Chuck Hagel has not been sold on how operating in a fully integrated environment versus operating in an interfaced environment will deliver a clear and direct benefit for the DoD. He may not truly appreciate what a headache it’s going to be to act as the data owner of a wealth of information that the much more sophisticated and data hungry IT personnel at the VA will expect access to.

Source: Morning Headlines 7/8/13