Why Some Doctors Don’t Lean On EHR

A new study published in the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association concludes that EHR adoption has less to do with how tech savvy a doctor is and has more to do with how much uncertainty, an accepted and universal attribute of medical practice, a doctor is comfortable with.

Repeated EHR Alerts Desensitize Clinicians

A case review published in the journal Pediatrics suggests alert fatigue directly correlates with reduced patient outcomes because excessive unimportant alerts in CPOE systems desensitize clinicians and may cause them to overlook the important alerts.

Software That’s Hard on Hospital Readmissions

A local North Texas station reports on population health systems being implemented to reduce readmission rates at Texas Health Resources.

With Money at Risk, Hospitals Push Staff to Wash Hands

The New York Times covers various efforts being employed by hospitals to increase hand-hygiene compliance, including a number of technical advancements that include RFID tracking of physicians coupled with video surveillance or ID badge-enabled soap dispensers that track whether soap has been dispensed and alert the clinician as they approach the bedside if it hasn’t. An unannounced 16-week video monitoring trial at North Shore University Hospital revealed hand-hygiene rates at less than 10 percent. Once clinicians were made aware of the video system, and setup to receive weekly email alerts about their performance the numbers jumped to 88 percent.

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Source: Morning Headlines 5/30/13