By John Halamka

Micky Tripathi sent this update last evening.
Dear Argonaut Steering Committee Member,
I’m writing with a quick project update for your information.
FHIR DSTU2 Ballot. The effort to keep the Argonaut-relevant components of FHIR on schedule was successful. The FHIR DSTU2 ballot was opened on April 3, 2015. All of the Argonaut-relevant FHIR Resources and associated DAF Profiles are complete and on the ballot.
· Grahame’s description of the ballot decision is here:
· A list of all of the FHIR DSTU2 implementation guides is here:
· The current version of the Argonaut Implementation Guide is here:
· The complete FHIR DSTU2 version for ballot is here:
· A list of all published versions of FHIR is here:
Argonaut Testing and Implementation. Implementation and testing efforts are picking up steam, though with everyone’s immediate focus on preparing for and attending HIMSS, we don’t expect to see intensive testing until after HIMSS, when attention will turn from FHIR DSTU1 demonstrations to Argonaut FHIR DSTU2 implementations.
· Over 30 organizations are now registered on the testing tracking document:
· The Argonaut reference implementation server will be updated after the HIMSS conference to include the full set of Argonaut Resources and Profiles and the first version of the Argonaut OAuth/OIDC security implementation guide.
· After the HIMSS conference we will increase our reach out to motivate testing activities by implementation partners, who will at that point be prepared to focus their energies on Argonaut FHIR DSTU2 implementation.

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