Today I took my two older kids (9 and 6) to the store with me to pick up a few things for Memorial Day. When we walked into the store an older couple was sitting at the door collecting donations for veterans. I have a soft spot in my heart for veterans and the couple was so cute that on the way out I gave my kids some money to give to the couple. Plus, I figured it was a great lesson for my children and they loved it.

In fact, my daughter loved it so much so that she darted out of the store to make the donation. When I got there the lady was asking my children if they knew where the money was going. My son (9) replied that it was to a charity. The lady responded, “Yes, it was kind of a charity, but one for veterans. Do you know what a veteran is?” My son responded, “People in the military.” The lady then asked, “What do veterans do?”

At this point I’m on the edge wondering how my son might reply. He then responded, “The fight for Freedom.” I’m sure I was beaming after that response. I was really proud of him.

So on this Memorial Day I’m happy to honor and remember those veterans who fight for our freedom.

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Source: Memorial Day Tribute