HIStalk is funding five, $1,000 scholarships for patient advocates to attend the HIMSS conference, with conference registration credentials provided by CTG Healthcare. Applicants provided their biographies and a statement of what they hope to achieve by attending, with the winners chosen by Lorre and Regina Holliday.

I have another motive. I’ve often pondered what our patients would think of the over-the-top excesses and unchallenged claims of both providers and vendors at the HIMSS conference. I hope these attendees, clearly identified by tee shirts bearing Regina’s artwork above, will serve as neutral observers keep us all focused on the people who we say we work for, but who we may rarely see face to face.

Each attendee will attend whatever educational sessions they choose along with having access to the exhibit hall in representing the patient’s point of view. Each will provide ongoing social media commentary during the conference as well writing a summary HIStalk article afterward. We’ll announce a time where the attendees, along with other members of The Walking Gallery, will be available to meet people in the HIStalk booth.

I created a contact form for each attendee to avoid publishing their personal email addresses. Please don’t spam them, but you can get in touch about anything related to their conference goals. It’s up to each person to respond if they so choose.

Kim Witczak


I became involved in pharmaceutical drug safety issues after the death of my husband, Tim “Woody” Witczak in 2003 as a result of an undisclosed drug side effect. I have taken my personal experience and launched a national drug safety campaign through My work has been featured in major news media such as Fortune, Readers Digest, Consumer Reports, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Star Tribune. I have testified before US Senate on PDUFA/FDA reform issues as well as numerous FDA Advisory Committees. In 2008, I was appointed to the FDA’s Psychopharmalocgic Drug Advisory Committee as a Patient Representative. In 2013, I co-organized the Selling Sickness: People Before Profits international conference held in Washington, DC bringing academic scholars, healthcare reformers, consumer organizations and advocates, and progressive health journalists to develop strategies and solutions challenging the “selling of sickness.” I am an active member of the Consumer Union Safe Patient Project as well as a part of the DC-based Patient, Consumer, and Public Health coalition making sure the voice of patients and consumers is represented in healthcare/FDA related legislative issues. In addition, I was just appointed to the National Physicians Alliance Board of Directors.

Professionally, I am an advertising and marketing professional with 25 years of experience in a variety of industries (e.g. airlines, automotive, fashion, and retail). I am one of the founders of Free …read more