By Deborah Leyva

Donald Berwick, Champion of Health Care Quality Improvement,
receives Institute of Medicine‘s 2012 Lienhard Award.

Dr. Berwick helped establish the Institute for Healthcare
Improvement (
IHI) where patient safety and health care quality remained at the
forefront of the organization’s efforts to improve quality of care. Some say his work was also a catalyst for a national movement to improve the quality
of health care in the U.S.

Since the arrival of “HITECH” in 2010, health care
providers, covered entities, and EHR/EMR software vendors have each experienced massive changes in their respective areas.
Providers have accepted and adopted measures of quality and reporting that reflect
patient care needs. Covered entities continue to aspire and achieve high
quality performance measures. ..And both are seeking payment incentives for achieving quality measures reflected by Meaningful Use.

Notice in the graph below, initially introduced in 2009, the trajectory beginning with Data Capture and Sharing in 2009, achieving Advanced Clinical Processes by 2011 and Improved Outcomes by 2015. Regardless of subsequent delays along this timeline, change has affected healthcare professionals, vendors and patients.

Measuring quality has now spanned across healthcare segments, from primary care, to acute care, and now 2013 CMS Quality Measures for Hospice.

It’s a new day for healthcare… considering what will come next…..

Source: IOM Presents 2012 Lienhard Award to Donald M. Berwick