I love when doctors and medical students talk about their first encounter with EHR software. In this case, I came across a medical student who ran into Epic in the hospital and writes about it in this post. Here’s his initial response to it:

I took the training module for it and the moment it loaded, I was bewildered. My monitor had turned into a wormhole and was suddenly displaying software built in the 1990s. I stared for 30 minutes at what was basically a wall of text, trying to find my way around small buttons and clogged sub-screens. I hadn’t even learned how to use Epic yet and I was already frustrated. Perhaps it’s because Epic was a platform built upon billing practices that made it so confusing. Either way, I was done before I had even begun.

The great part is that he wasn’t just complaining about the experience. He decided to create a prototype of what he thought an EMR interface could look like. Here’s his video prototype:

Obviously, it’s lacking a lot of detail, but I love his fresh take on how you could navigate the information in the EHR. We need more people who aren’t clouded with current EHR design to offer design suggestions like this.

Source: Interesting EMR Interface Prototype