Over on EMR and EHR recently, Anne Zieger wrote a post about three tips for EHR transitions. As is often the case, one of our passionate readers emailed me a response to the EHR tips that Anne wrote about. I don’t always post what people send me, but I do like to sprinkle in the comments of our readers to provide multiple perspectives on EHR. Especially when they’re passionate, heartfelt comments that may look at the issue different than I do.

The following comments come in response to Anne’s post from a pediatric office. Be sure to read the full post if you want the commentary for each EMR tip.

EMR Tip #1 – Make workflow changes gradual
Wake up and smell the coffee! If you have ever implemented an EMR, you know this isn’t possible. You are welcome to try, and I certainly recommend it, but get real. Your best bet is to hold on for dear life, remember that this too shall pass, and BRIBE THE STAFF LIBRALLY WITH GOODIES like (healthy) lunch and (healthy) snacks cuz it is cheaper than replacing staff.

EMR Tip #2 – Ask for feedback
Oh, believe me, you’ll get this — the trick is to make it specific and useful and then to execute on changes that will mollify providers and nursing. And it will all hit you at once, and a priority system is based on how loud the squeaky wheel is.

EMR Tip #3 – Educate patients
Ha! The frosting on the cake …

… thus leading to more patient phone calls, longer times in the exam room and as a result, more stressed-out staff. Just ask people to be patient and hope for the best…confusion is unavoidable.

Just keep saying to yourself “This too shall pass, this too shall pass, this too shall pass…”

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