HSMN Announces Its Revenue Cycle Management Reorganization Plan: RCM2. News RSS Feed RSS Print Print HSMN Announces Its Revenue Cycle Management Reorganization Plan: RCM2

January 18, 2013

Hospitals all over the country have reorganized their old Revenue Cycle Departments into “Revenue Cycle Management” with a new department head. Sometimes that position has been elevated to Vice Presidential status. While many of them have been successful with their efforts at reorganization, some have not. HSMN has announced their Revenue Cycle Reorganization Plan called RCM2.

For over 27 years HSMN has been assisting Hospitals in every aspect of reorganizing their Revenue Cycle Departments from Silos to Contiguous, seamless revenue flow operations. In doing so they have encountered much resistance to change as we went about testing how each department was functioning by looking at outcomes such as Claims Denial and other anomalies such as Physician and patient complaints about claims.

HSMN’s new program RCM2 relooks at each structure, staffing, skill sets, systems, work flow, and all of the processes including Clinical Documentation and coding that come to us with a grade on how the entire Revenue Cycle is functioning.

They have a Methodology that uses their “Deconstruction” technique that allows then to see where there are opportunities for improvements to net revenue and cash flow.

The last step in their process is a “Reconstruction” or Reorganization that redefines the mission of the Revenue Cycle Departments and adjusts the structure, the staff, role definition, work flows, processes and systems to meet the new goals of the RCM2.

HSMN’s technique has been successful in hospitals throughout the country and the reason it is stems from the HSMN presence in the organization, and its work with the hospital staff. Hospital staff often provide some of the new thinking and ideas on how work should flow. HSMN works closely with the hospital administrators to craft solutions to revenue cycle management challenges. The HSMN success is no accident.


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