Implementing an electronic health record (EHR) in 1998 has transformed the way the four-location North Fulton Family Practice in Georgia does business. Dr. Jim Morrow, North Fulton’s vice president and chief information officer, described how the EHR has enhanced physician-patient “face time”and care management and improved efficiency, productivity and profitability at the 20-provider practice. He even said that having an EHR has made him a better physician. Dr. Morrow and Dr. Joel Diamond, medical director of Diamond, Fera and Associates, provided physician practices with the key factors to consider when deciding to implement an EHR, along with the critical steps to a successful EHR implementation during a March 21, 2007 audio conference, Essential Elements for Physician Practice PFP Success: Key Steps in EHR Selection and Implementation.

Source: How Implementing an Electronic Health Record Caused a Business Transformation for North Fulton Family Practice