It’s time again for my roundup of interesting EMR, EHR, and Healthcare IT tweets. Today’s tweets all come from Nick Dawson. I don’t know Nick really well, but see him online quite a bit. Plus, I did a Google Plus hangout with him after TEDMED. He’s a very interesting guy and these tweets illustrate some of his thinking.

I’ve been hearing more and more of these cases and many of them are not even international. I’m not sure if the shift is because of the growth in high deductible plans, but there’s definitely a shift happening as far as awareness of what healthcare really costs. I hope we see a sea change in this regard.

Also, don’t underestimate the medical tourism part of this. I think there are going to be regions of this country and around the world that are going to battle for medical procedures. Eventually we’ll know that certain regions of the country are known for certain medical specialties just the same way we know Texas has oil and Nebraska has corn.

Just the thought of this will make many doctors stomach’s churn, but I like the concept. It would definitely need to be refined so there was a well defined chain of who edited what and when. Not to mention some sort of method for knowing when something was modified and by who. A novel concept, but not one I think we’ll find anytime soon.

I love to read stuff like this. I wonder if Nick pays for the action that happens. This is what really has doctors scared. Nick saved a visit, but the doctor missed out on the revenue that visit would have generated. It’s also why we need to start reimbursing doctors for online visits.

Source: Healthcare Pricing, Wiki Style EMR Editing, and Quantified Self Data – @nickdawson Edition