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The Background Story
A number of months ago, a marketing manager at an EHR vendor asked me if I knew of any Healthcare IT focused marketing conferences. As I considered the question, I realized that there wasn’t a conference focused on B2B healthcare marketing. Sure, there were plenty of general marketing conferences. There were even a few consumer/patient focused marketing events. However, I didn’t know of any B2B marketing conferences that understood the unique characteristics of marketing to hospital executives and doctors.

After telling this marketing manager that I knew of no such event, she replied that I should create the event and that she’d be the first to register. It took me a little while to see if indeed their was a need for this type of event and if I could create an event that provided real value to those who attended. After careful consideration and planning, I’m extremely excited to announce the inaugural Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Conference.

The Conference Content
As I started thinking about what a conference like this would look like, I realized pretty quickly that I needed to have both PR and marketing involved in the event. I believe the line between PR and marketing is getting grayer and grayer every day (although, I’m looking forward to a healthy debate about the difference at the event). Hopefully the event can help both specialties discover new techniques and improve on their current techniques.

I also decided early on that this event should include a healthy dose of marketing and PR experts from outside of healthcare to balance out the normal healthcare IT marketing and PR discussions. By incorporating interdisciplinary learning from other industries, I believe that we can stretch our thinking and discover new ways of doing health IT marketing and PR.

Besides the speakers, the conference will provide a great opportunity to network and connect with so many great healthcare IT marketing and PR professionals. As is often the case with conferences, some of the best learning happens while breaking bread with your peers.

Founding Attendees
The conference will be held April 7-8, 2014 in Las Vegas. On the website, you can sign up as a Founding Attendee today. Along with a pass to the conference, Founding Attendees will also get their company promoted on EMR and HIPAA (this website), admission to a Founding Attendee ONLY dinner on April 8th, and our love and appreciation for supporting the conference. We’ll only be offering the Founding Attendee registration until we roll out the full conference website in early January.

Founding Sponsors
Below, you’ll find the four founding sponsors for the inaugural event. Each of these companies are deeply involved in healthcare IT marketing and PR and bring a lot of expertise and experience to the conference. I appreciate their faith in trust in our ability to put on a really great event. I’m proud to have each of them as founding …read more