I use to do these a lot more and I think people enjoyed them. So, maybe I’ll start doing them again. It’s basically a short Twitter round up of some interesting tweets and often some pithy commentary about the tweets. Let me know what you think.

This seems about in line with my own personal experience talking to people. Although, some might argue that 100% are clueless. We’re all still trying to figure out all the data.

Great article by Michelle. I agree with her that I hate patient engagement. I love engaging patients, but I think that meaningful use requirements have forever corrupted the term patient engagement. We better move on to a new term, because I assure you that what’s happening with meaningful use is not engaging patients.

This is a little self serving, but Wednesday (5/6/15) I’ll be doing a webinar on the topic of practice marketing. I’m going to cover quite a bit of ground from a high quality practice website, to search engine optimization (SEO), reputation management, and meaningful patient engagement (sorry I had to use the term after my last comment). I hope many of you will attend and then let me know what you thought of it.

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Source:: http://www.emrandhipaa.com/emr-and-hipaa/2015/05/05/healthcare-big-data-use-real-patient-engagement-and-practice-marketing/