I always love the creativity that comes out of the good people at HL7 Standards. In the latest example, I reference a post by Jon Mertz called Giving Thanks for Health Information Technology. In the post, he digs into the idea that gratitude is a mindset and suggests that we could use a little more gratitude in healthcare IT.

I love the concept and power of gratitude and appreciate Jon’s comments about the need for more gratitude in healthcare IT. While I try to avoid this, it’s often easier to report on the train wrecks than it is to report on the benefits. Plus, train wrecks drive readership.

Following Jon’s call for us to express more gratitude for the good things happening in healthcare IT, I thought I’d create my list of thanks. Hopefully you’ll join in with your list in the comments, on your blog, or on twitter (see the hashtag #HITThanks).

  • I’m grateful I don’t have to search for lost paper charts.
  • I’m thankful I don’t have coffee stained paper charts.
  • I appreciate that multiple people can add to the chart at the same time (at least in most EHR systems).
  • I’m glad I don’t see stacks of paper charts on my desk.
  • I appreciate being able to read whatever my doctor documents in my chart.
  • I’m thankful for the nurses who do a bang up job with EHR software that’s almost always developed with them as an afterthought.
  • I’m grateful we no longer have to remember that Aq comes after Am and that the person who filed the chart might have been moving quickly and filed Am after Aq.
  • I appreciate all the thousands of thoughtful, caring, and wonderful people that work day in and day out to provide amazing care.
  • I’m thankful a nobody in Las Vegas can start a blog and give back to the healthcare IT community in some way.

I’m sure I could list many more. I hope you’ll join in.

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