Health data geeks from across the US have descended on Washington DC this week for what’s called Health Datapalooza. It’s a sort of Mecca for healthcare data sharing where health data geeks virtually hold hands and sing koombaya as they circle around blue buttons and hard drives full of granular health data. As someone who believes that health data liberacion is the right direction for healthcare, this is a great event and this year it seems to have really hit its stride.

One of the biggest advocates of using healthcare data for good is ONC’s own Farzad Mostashari. Never someone afraid to tweet or Retweet health data related topics, Farzad’s twitter account has been incredibly active during Health Datapalooza. So, I thought I’d use it to illustrate some of the messages Farzad found important enough to share from the event. Plus, I’ll throw in my commentary after each tweet as appropriate. (Note: when the tweet is from someone else it’s because Farzad retweeted it.)

If you want to stop reading here you could, because it’s the core of Farzad’s message. Although, if you want to go into depth on the topic, keep reading. At least Farzad has made clear that he’s going to use whatever methods he has available to make patients’ health data available.

I’ve said this a few times recently as well. I have an extreme belief in the creativity and drive of entrepreneurs. We just need more of them to be able to do their work in healthcare.

Amen! The challenge is getting this message to consumers. If you tell them that their data will be kept private, but will be shared where appropriate to provide better care, every patient wants this to happen. In fact, most already assume this is what’s happening.

Healthcare problems are still a HUGE challenge. We don’t need any more barriers than we already have to overcome.

I wish the $36 billion in EHR incentive money …read more

Source: Farzad Mostashari Tweets #HDPalooza