I <3 EMR's — WITH A SCRIBE! Otherwise it is like #DYAC gone wild – NOT GOOD! 🙂 @MatthewBowdish @doctorfullerton

— Diana Driscoll (@Prettyill) September 9, 2013

I’ve heard more and more people proclaiming the value of scribes with their EMR. Certainly many are leery of the costs associated with scribes, but I don’t know anyone who has tried a scribe and been disappointed with the choice.

Right tools for the right job – true for #EMR as anywhere else; specialization for #dermatology #hcr #HITsm http://t.co/nGaSiB3CUF

— Nick van Terheyden (@drnic1) September 1, 2013

Far too often when we’re in technology we think that we have to always look for a tech solution to the problem. It is often the case that technology will take part in some part of a solution, but far too often we try and over architect a technology solution. Instead of implementing more technology we need to implement the right technology. Often that means choosing simpler technology.

@jonmertz MU certainly has incented EMR adoption. Would cutting MU stop that trend? I’m not so sure. #HITsm

— EMR, EHR and HIT (@ehrandhit) August 30, 2013

I think this is an important question. I’m sure cutting MU would cause a lot of shock waves in the industry, but I don’t know many people who would stop their EHR use because MU was gone. I don’t know many that are implementing an EHR that would stop if MU was gone. I don’t think MU will be stopped, but I still think a delay is likely.

Source: EMR Scribes, EMR Big Brother, Right Tool for Right Job, and MU’s Affect on EMR Adoption