#his2013 Overhage: EMR deployment success is also creating a problem as we deploy Commerial products – more difficult to experiment/research — Ross D. Martin (@RossMartin) April 26, 2013 This is an interesting observation. I see what Ross means when it comes to experimentation. Meaningful use and the rest of the government regulations are sucking the innovation out of healthcare IT and EMR in particular. However, from a research stand point, EMR can open up a whole new section of research. Maybe Ross was referring to research on the best way to do EMR. Agree! cc @ intelhealthit RT @ peggylou74 Lots of good EMR blogging: workflow, interoperability, check it out ilms.intel.com/aprimoportal/O… — Charles Webster, MD(@EHRworkflow) April 26, 2013 I love more people blogging about EMR. Although, it seems that some of the best EMR blogs are coming from vendors. I love vendors involvement and perspective in the blogosphere, but I’d love to see more independent EMR bloggers as well. Excellent new resource on @ ehrandhit RT @ techguy EMR and EHR Whitepapers dlvr.it/3GtY41 — Charles Webster, MD(@EHRworkflow) April 23, 2013 I was glad that Dr. Webster likes the healthcare IT whitepaper resource we created. The nice part is that we’re just getting started with it and the resource will get even better over time. Related Posts EMR and Healthcare IT Blogging Community – Let the Sparring Begin Healthcare Blogging Summit 2006 – First-Ever Conference on Healthcare Blogging HITR – Health Information Technology Research Hub and Social Network

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