Obamacare-surgeon will get $180 to do cataract surgery and risk $1.5M fine 4 HIPPA violation/jail 4 EMR error(we’re not stupid) — Kris Held,MD (@kksheld) March 17, 2013 I realize this first tweet might be controversial for many. Any time you bring a bit of politics (Obamacare in this tweet), there’s a risk of bringing out the crazies. Hopefully we can avoid that, but I was intrigued by this tweet also because it had 17 Retweets by other people. That’s a crazy number of retweets for healthcare IT. I think this view is also part of the EHR backlash that we’ve written about before. Whether you agree with the tweet or not, there are a lot of doctors that feel similar to Dr. Kris Held and they’re starting to make their voice heard. Welcome (Good > 7 Ways 2 Maintain Patient Interaction in Age of EHR bit.ly/14W2lvr ) @ isalusofficeemr cloud-based #EMR #EHR #PMS — Charles Webster, MD(@EHRworkflow) March 17, 2013 I love how many people have a focus on increasing patient interaction. An EMR can get you away from it if you’re not careful. The article in this link has some decent suggestions to consider. The most important advice is to be aware of it. Awareness does a lot to improve it. Driving smartphone growth is developing mobile versions of #EMR apps via @ hitnewstweet – ht.ly/iLhMc — CDW Healthcare (@CDW_Healthcare) March 14, 2013 The killer mobile app in healthcare has been Epocrates and largely is today. A well done EHR mobile app could see similar adoption. Although, there are 300 EHR vendors that aren’t focused on mobile (many of them at least), and so that’s why we don’t hear as much about it. Future of Information-Driven Healthcare Think Tank topics: del.ly/6011nchX | #DoMoreHIT twitter.com/DellServices/s… — EMR, EHR and HIT(@ehrandhit) March 18, 2013 I’m going to be part of the Dell Healthcare Think Tank that’s mentioned in this tweet. They are doing a live online stream of the event and are even opening it up for questions from Twitter I believe. So, it should be a great opportunity to hear from a lot of smart people on the subject of healthcare IT and to participate online as well. Check it out Tuesday if you want to participate. Related posts: Meet the Bloggers Panel Video and Dell Healthcare Think Tank at HIMSS12 Hospital Mergers EHR Data Migration Challenge, Smart Phone HIPAA Security, Healthcare Interoperability and Patch Adams Video Mobile vs Computer and the Patient Interaction

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EHR Backlash, Patient Interaction, Smart Phone Use, and Dell Think Tank