What exactly is involved in the certification process as defined by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) Health IT Certification Program (which as of now is a voluntary certification program designed for health IT standards, implementation specifications and certification criteria)? Today, that includes:

• Regulations – the ONC issues regulations that can include but are not limited to certification and associated standard criteria for health IT modules as well as corresponding certification program requirements.
• Standards for developers in the creation of modules that adhere to standards as well as certification criteria developed by Health and Human Services (HHS) regulations.
• Test laboratories must also be based on the above mentioned standards and certification criteria provided by HHS.
• Certification bodies tested by ATLs (Accredited Testing Laboratories) and product information will be submitted to the ONC and displayed on a certified health IT products listing.
• Providers and hospitals will be certified under Health IT modules in their ability to share information for high-quality delivery of care as well as use of those modules in accordance with the Health and Human Services quality improvement program requirements; those include measures and objectives of Meaningful Use and EHR incentive programs. Read more