Top 5 tech trends healthcare leaders should pay attention to. #healthIT

— InsightDrivenHealth (@AccentureHealth) June 25, 2014

I’m a HUGE fan of crowdsourcing. I do it for so many things in my life and it’s incredibly effective. Although, I haven’t seen much of it done in healthcare. I’d love to hear examples where you’ve seen it done. I guess you could say I’d like to crowdsource a list of where it’s being used for a future post (see what I did there?).

@DrBradHolland @krhdhealthlaw have used them in ED 17 years, predates our EMR rollout

— Luis Saldana (@lsaldanamd) June 30, 2014

I’ve heard more and more good things about Scribes. I talked to one at ANI whose a Scribe and Med Student. You can see why so many people like them. I think they’re a bandaid for the real problems we have in healthcare, but they’re an effective one that’s not going anywhere (since our problems aren’t going anywhere).

I am a big advocate for EMR & wouldn’t do without one,but there is a fair amount of built-in and mandated inefficiencies. #primarycare #EMR

— Linda Pourmassina,MD (@LindaP_MD) June 23, 2014

It’s not the first time that I’ve found a tweet from Dr. Pourmassina that perfectly articulates the challenge. “Built-in and mandated inefficiencies” has got to be one of the simplest descriptions of the current state of EHR.

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