#HITsm  T1: How do you WANT to communicate with your healthcare provider? How does it differ from what’s available? T1: When communicating with my provider, I want to get just the information I need without superfluous materials, in a timely fashion #HITsm — SHIFT Healthcare (@healthycomms) April 5, 2013 T1: I mostly just don’t want to communicate with my doctor.Maybe that’s the issue for many “healthy patients” #HITsm — EMR, EHR and HIT(@ehrandhit) April 5, 2013 T1: We’d love to see clinicians communicating clearly with peers as well as with patients. Must be available after hours, too. #hitsm — Vocera, Inc. (@VoceraCom) April 5, 2013 A1: Our culture today thrives on texting – to the point, immediate, delivered to right person. People want same thing from providers #hitsm — TigerText (@TigerTextApp) April 5, 2013   #HITsm T2: How can we avoid patient alert fatigue as we move toward engaged care and #mHealth acceptance? A2: Monitoring must be transparent and non-intrusive.Then we can go about our daily lives and just collect data #hitsm — TigerText (@TigerTextApp) April 5, 2013 T2: alert fatigue is a looming issue with providers. Many times it’s customizable, which is gr8 but scary. RISKY. #HITsm — Linda Stotsky (@EMRAnswers) April 5, 2013 T2: I think patient alert fatigue is something that should be considered. #mHealth apps push msgs, secure text, email from doc… #HITsm — Chad Johnson (@OchoTex) April 5, 2013 T2: #Mhealth apps should give patients options regarding alert delivery. Text vs email or web portal vs phone calls. #hitsm — Vocera, Inc. (@VoceraCom) April 5, 2013   #HITsm T3: Will the shortage of qualified #healthIT professionals to fill openings force a delay in meeting Meaningful Use requirements? A3: MU has not yet proven that the negative (cost) felt is worth the benefit gained #HITSM — johnmoehrke (@johnmoehrke) April 5, 2013 T3: It’s true! Education systems have the opp to show incoming students why now is the time to get involved in #healthIT . #hitsm — Vocera, Inc. (@VoceraCom) April 5, 2013 T3: Resources may have to be re-deployed, and may cost more, but the economy is pretty resilient. #HITsm — Peter Gilbert (@PeterNGilbert) April 5, 2013 T3: We are not a central committee with a five year plan …. yet. #HITsm — Peter Gilbert (@PeterNGilbert) April 5, 2013   #HITsm T4: Open Forum> What #healthIT topic has interested you most this week? T4: We’ve been interested in the conversation surrounding the changing role of nurses. @ fiercehealth article: bit.ly/10zXpwt #hitsm — Omnicell (@Omnicell) April 5, 2013 A4: I spoke with many about #PHR models this week, resulting in the following op ed column – ow.ly/jMLQV – Shameless plug! #HITsm — Ken Congdon (@KenOnHIT) April 5, 2013 I think the request to extend the Hospital EMR “Safe Harbor” was big news this week: ow.ly/jMLqE #HITsm — EMR, EHR and HIT(@ehrandhit) April 5, 2013 Related posts: Patient Safety, Interoperability, and Resolutions: #HITsm Chat Highlights Teen Patient Privacy, Empowering Providers, and ICD-10 — #HITsm Chat Highlights Patient Education, Cloudalization of Healthcare, and EHR Vendors – #HITsm Chat Highlights

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Communication With Providers, Patient Alert Fatigue, and #HealthIT — #HITsm Chat Highlights