The advent in modern innovative technologies, especially in the Healthcare IT industry, has led to a transformation in technology like never before.
The burgeoning supply of innovative healthcare software such as Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in the market have made it increasingly tough for physicians of all specialties to find the perfect solution for their software needs.
The field of Podiatry deals with treating issues and ailments related to the ankle or the foot. Hence, a Podiatry EHR should have the capability of handling, using, and analyzing different types of images from different devices and other machines as well. Some Podiatry specialists take images at their practices, hence an ideal Podiatry EHR should also be capable of generating and developing images. EHR software should also be capable of integrating with equipment such as CT scans, MRI, Ultrasound and X-rays etc along with the power to handle large amounts of data.
Since most Podiatry patients deal with compensations, the ideal Podiatry EHR should be able to print and store patient reports, photos and invoices etc.
The following factors will guide Podiatry specialists in the right direction, especially when it comes to selecting the perfect Podiatry specific EHRs (Electronic Health Records) at their respective practices.