Having an effective response plan is critical for mitigating the impact of downtime, and your organization has likely put a tremendous amount of thought and care into its contingency plan. But your plan may have an Achilles’ heel that your organization is completely unaware of—a weakness that could leave your organization as poorly prepared as if you had no contingency plan at all. Where are the holes in your plan? Find them by asking a simple question: What is the longest hypothetical outage you have planned for?

If your hospital has deployed an electronic health record (EHR) system, you probably have a contingency plan in the event of a system outage. After all, computing systems go down, and when an EHR system is not working, it affects nearly every aspect of a hospital’s operations, from patient care to admissions to finance to supply chain and more.

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Source: Be Prepared: Lessons from an Extended Outage of a Hospital’s EHR System