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Tag archives for the-health

Hospitals’ rush to swap out their revenue-cycle management (RCM) systems has slowed, with many trying to figure out whether they can make do with the systems they already own. However, the $2.4… read more Source: Though important, RCM projects struggle for priority

Today’s headlines include details regarding how Medicare and Medicaid, as well as funding for the health law’s implementation, fared in President Barack Obama’s budget plan.

Politico reports that some conservatives who have long sought to convert Medicaid into a block grant program see an opening with the health law to move in this direction. Also in the news, states continue to mull how to proceed with this provision of the law.

Stateline reports that the health law’s Medicaid expansion will make many newly released prison inmates eligible for coverage.

Research from the University of Iowa suggests that cancer care is more accessible in rural areas than thought, and this increased accessibility should be considered as changes are made in the health care system under the Affordable Care Act.

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