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Donnie Parish and Charles W. Grim explain their involvement in the Cherokee Nation EHR incentive payment story, and discuss the benefits of EHRs for the Cher…

Gijs van Oort, Executive Director, Healthcare Access San Antonio, discusses the Texas Health Information Exchange Coalition, and how EHRs improve physician w… Video Rating: 0 / 5

Melissa Gower explains her involvement in the Cherokee Nation EHR incentive payment story, and discusses the benefits of EHRs.

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UPMC, Cleveland Clinic CIOs Say EHR Experts Hard to Find – blogs.wsj.com/cio/2013/03/21… via @ wsj @ healthit #EMR #meaningfuluse — Nuance Healthcare (@NuanceHealth) March 25, 2013 I guess Cleveland Clinic doesn’t think the government trained EHR workforce. I know a lot of them that can’t get a job in any EHR position. Wow – if you were ever in doubt on how careful u need to be in #hcsm & #HITsm tcrn.ch/ZhUp3O — Nick van Terheyden (@drnic1) March 24, 2013 This story is a crazy one and spiral out of control is the right term. Although, this post by Amanda Blum is the best look at the issues from my point of view. Dr. Nick is right that you do have to be careful. In fact, the case above wasn’t even something that happened on social media. It was something that happened in person at a conference and then social media blew it up. So, I’d actually argue that it’s more important than ever for you to be involved in social media. That way if something does blow up, you see it and can deal with the situation before it spins out of control. What I do hate most about the story is the lack of civility and not giving people the benefit of the doubt. I hate that part of the way society is heading. Communication can solve a lot of issues if people would just use it. Instead, we assume the worst in people. That’s unfortunate. From my #EMR Straight Talk #blog “Meaningful Use Attestation Data Points to Future Vendor Success/Failure” ow.ly/jcSoo — Evan Steele, SRSsoft (@Evan_Steele) March 19, 2013 Evan’s opening line to the blog post says, “CMS just released the December 2012 attestation data, and one thing is abundantly clear—many EHR vendors will not be around to see Stage 2.” I don’t agree with his conclusion. I expect we’ll have nearly as many in meaningful use stage 2 as we did in stage 1. Meaningful Use stage 3 is likely where we’re going to see fallout. Although, it does beg the question of how many EHR vendors will stay in business without EHR incentive money? I’ve often said that it’s surprising how good of a business you can run with just a few thousand doctors. Related posts: eCollaboration at HIMSS12, MU Stage 2, Healthcare Social Media, Tablets and Accessible Patient Data Healthcare Social Media #hcsm Healthcare IT Companies That Shouldn’t Do Social Media

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