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Today’s EHR and HIT news includes an update from Anoto who has announced that 9 million devices using their technology have been shipped around the world, as well as news from MedAptus regarding interoperability for their customers.  In other news TSI Healthcare has announced that Western Carolina Eye Associates has been selected a Circle of Excellence Award winner. Digital Writing Gains Acceptance with Global Adoption of Anoto Live Technology Reaching 9 Million Anoto, the world leader in digital writing technology, today announced that 9 million devices using Anoto technology have been shipped worldwide. This milestone confirms that Anoto Live™ technology is gaining momentum as a flexible and easy-to-use solution across an unlimited amount of applications for a multitude of different companies

Top News Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says his office has taken direct control of the DoD-VA EHR integration project as he acknowledges to a House subcommittee that “we’re way behind.” Hagel told the committee that he has personally blocked the DoD’s EHR request for proposal because “I didn’t think we knew what the hell we were doing.” He added, “Until I get some understanding of this and get some control over it, we’re not going to spend any money on it.” Hagel, whose experience includes tours as an infantry squad leader in Vietnam and serving as a VA deputy administrator as its VistA system was being developed, says the DoD will have its marching orders within a month. Reader Comments From Mr.

We at EMR and HIPAA have been hearing a lot from our readers that there’s been some confusion with the EMR and HIPAA brand. Many readers are really confused by what we provide here on EMR and HIPAA and what to expect when they visit the website. For those who don’t know the history, I did the first EMR and HIPAA blog post back on December 11, 2005. I love how I didn’t even post my name, but instead put the name “EMR BLOG” as the writer. Just reading the post makes me a bit sheepish as I think about how naive I was at the time, but I digress. Seven years and 1659 EMR and HIPAA blogs later , a lot has changed with EMR and HIPAA. Healthcare IT is a new world and it seemed right for EMR and HIPAA to embrace change as well. Let’s start with EMR. I still love the term EMR since spell check doesn’t autocorrect it. However, $36 billion of government money says that it should be called EHR. Plus, the EHR fanatics out there have been on my case for a long time when I talk about EMR instead of EHR. No more. From now on, EMR will no longer exist as we embrace EHR. What about HIPAA? Yes, for most healthcare providers HIPAA is a curse word to them. Just hearing it makes them cringe. Why would I want to host a site that makes my beloved doctors cringe? Plus, HIPAA is now changed thanks to the new Omnibus rule. We’re ready to embrace change as well, so from now on HIPAA will be referred to as Omnibus. Who doesn’t like Omnibus? Omni means all. Bus reminds me of a party bus in Las Vegas. I think everyone can embrace a party bus where all are welcome. There you have it. We’re now going to officially be called: EHR and Omnibus Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? I hope you like the new branding and appreciate the clarity it provides. Happy April 1st! Related posts: HIPAA Omnibus – What Should You Know? The Final HIPAA Omnibus Rule: A Sharing of Accountability A Lot to Be Thankful For at EMR and HIPAA

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is now participating in Michigan’s electronic sharing of health information through the Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN). By entering into MiHIN’s legal umbrella for secure and private electronic Health Information Exchange, BCBSM joins a group of organizations already participating in electronic health information exchange with MiHIN including the State of Michigan’s Department of Community Health, the South East Michigan Beacon Community and all six sub-state health information exchanges in Michigan which are already Qualified Data Sharing organizations: Great Lakes Health Information Exchange (GLHIE), based in East Lansing Ingenium, based in Bingham Farms Jackson Community Medical Records (JCMR), based in Jackson Michigan Health Connect (MHC), based in Grand Rapids Southeast Michigan Health Information Exchange (SEMHIE), based in Ann Arbor Upper Peninsula Health Information Exchange (UPHIE), based in Marquette Robert Milewski , Senior Vice President at BCBSM and member of MiHIN’s Board of Directors observed, “Connecting at the top network level as a MiHIN qualified organization for sharing data is a natural reflection of the role BCBSM plays in helping keep Michigan healthier.

I had the great opportunity to sit down with HIPAA expert, Rita Bowen from HealthPort , at HIMSS 2013 and learn more about the changes that came from the recently released HIPAA Omnibus rule. The timing for this video is great, because today is the day the HIPAA Omnibus rule goes into effect. In the video embedded below, Rita talks about what you should know about the new HIPAA changes, the new business associate requirements, and restricting the flow of sequestered health information. Related posts: The Final HIPAA Omnibus Rule: A Sharing of Accountability Verizon Launches HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Services Where You’ll Find Me at HIMSS 2013

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