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ONC/CMS provides strong oversight of the Meaningful Use program by continuousy reexamining the quality of certified products and auditing hospitals and practices that have attested to meaningful use. Last week, ONC “de-certified” a product for not supporting the functionality required by regulations . Meaningful Use audits are done by Figliozzi and Company on behalf of CMS.

The Colorado Beacon Consortium made gains in quality improvement as physician practices adopted electronic health records and joined a health information exchange known as Quality Health Network (QHN), according to a case study published by The Commonwealth Fund. read more

The following is a guest post by Michael Gleeson, Senior VP of Product Strategy for Arcadia Solutions. Michael Gleeson Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have a reputation for slowing down practices and increasing time, cost and overall productivity of a physician’s office or hospital system.

Today’s EHR and HIT News includes partnership news from the Premier Health Alliance who has partnered with Phytel to automate population health services, as well as a news update from Acclaim Healthcare. Premier healthcare alliance, Phytel Helping Providers Efficiently Coordinate Ambulatory Care and Better Engage Patients to Keep People Healthy The Premier healthcare alliance has partnered with Phytel to automate population health services, helping health systems deliver safer and lower-cost care across the continuum. A comprehensive population health suite allows providers to manage patient care more efficiently, with a better understanding of outcomes and total cost

In the emerging consumer-centered, value-driven U.S. healthcare marketplace, the EHR vendors that survive and thrive will need to differentiate their brand by successfully competing on the value (quality/price) their product actually delivers to its end users. – Bob Coi, MD This is a fascinating look at EMRs and future differentiation in the EHR market. There’s little doubt we could use some EMR differentiation with so many EMR companies still out there. I’m just not sure that the quality of care that an EMR provides is going to be why a doctor selects one EMR over another EMR. Every doctor I know wants to provide great care to their patients. Every patient I know wants to go to the doctor who provides them the best care. The problem is that most doctors don’t see a direct correlation between EMR use and the quality of care given. Patients don’t either, and the other challenge is that patients have no way to measure the quality of care they’re given anyway. The closest we come to knowing if the doctor provided quality care is that as a patient I know I’m sick and then I get better. I guess if I got better, then the doctor must have provided me quality care. With this said, I think there’s the possibility that an EMR discovers a way to clearly show that something they do improves the care of the patient. The incremental document management and simple alert notifications that we see from EMR’s today won’t show that clear improvement in care. No, we have to think much bigger to clearly show that the care provided was better because of the EMR and that the improved care wouldn’t have been possible without the EMR. An example of this would be integrating genomic data into the care provided. What if genomic data influenced which drugs you prescribed so that the drug was perfectly tailored to the patient? This is a great example where it would literally improve the care you provide a patient and it would be impossible without the technology to do the analysis. Assuming this technology was integrated with the EMR, it would be impossible for doctors not to use the EMR. This is just one example. I’m sure creative entrepreneurs will come up with many more. Showing that EMR improves quality of care is a really high barrier. Plus, changing physicians perceptions on EMR is going to be really hard even if an EMR system does indeed improve the quality of care. Some company will do it and then Dr. Coi will be right that an EMR’s quality metrics will differentiate it from other EMR companies. Related posts: EMR Quality Metrics New Ways Of Leveraging EMRs For Quality Measurement EMR Vanity Metrics

With the dissatisfaction that many have felt from EMR, providers and patients alike, outside healthcare companies are coming up with new ideas on how to help.

Baylor Health Care System Chief Quality Officer David J. Ballard, MD, PhD, MSPH, FACP and Baylor Quality Alliance President Carl E. Couch, MD, MMM discuss th… Video Rating: 0 / 5 Video Rating: 5 / 5

Global nonprofit Partners in Health (PIH) helped develop an open source electronic medical record system that is improving care in developing countries, as well as in the United States, Canada, and Europe, according to an announcement from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). read more

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