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Tag archives for open-source

One of the key tenets of both the HITECH and Affordable Care Acts has been to drive improved patient care and reduction in cost by applying technology across all healthcare entities. A bigger challenge is how do to make multiple technology purchases interoperate within a provider network and / or across provider networks.  There are solutions out there that can make it happen, but to make sure interoperability happens consistently, testing technology integration touch points is crucial but not easy without the right test infrastructure. I reached out to Michael Brown, a senior Health IT specialist at to AEGIS.net  which serves  numerous government customers,  to get some advice.  He has helped many agencies as a testing consultant for several years, setting up and deploying an infrastructure for interagency information exchange so I asked him to give us some advice about what methods will ensure that interoperability is maintained amongst multiple systems throughout the software development lifecycle.  Here’s what Michael had to say: A primary element within communication, especially in the domain of Health IT is the timeliness of conveying an idea or fact while it can be used in a meaningful way

I am excited to announce that today, February 11, 2012, we are releasing CONNECT version 4.0, which supports the current federal IT standards and Meaningful Use Stage 2 core objectives related to the secure electronic exchange of information. This is done through CONNECT’s support of Direct project specifications and NwHIN transports (i.e., electronically sending and receiving patient data, registering immunization information, public health reporting and patient access to data). What is CONNECT?

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