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Tag archives for health-law

Supporters of Nebraska’s effort to implement the health law’s Medicaid expansion have signaled their willingness to include certain cost safeguards to advance the plan. Meanwhile, a new report finds savings for Florida taxpayers could result from a health law provision regarding federal funding for the “medically needy” and the expansion.

While most Southern states resist expanding Medicaid under the health law, Virginia appoints its final voting members to a commission that will oversee expansion there.

The House panels’ proposal to replace Medicare’s sustainable growth rate formula is seen as a way to change how Medicare delivers care. Meanwhile, some House GOP lawmakers who have complained about the health law’s costs said Wednesday that it should have allocated more money to a program to cover people with pre-existing health conditions.

In this pair of stories, news outlets examine whether immigration reform will stress the Medicare program as well as what hospitals are doing to address the health law’s Medicare Wage Index.

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