With all of the many opportunities afforded patients today it can be quite daunting to navigate, especially when dealing with a serious illness that you, or a loved one, may be struggling with. The patient advocate will play a key role in helping you to navigate all avenues available through research, working with your medical team, and dealing with your insurance company.


While the patient advocate’s position is to best assist their clients, we are currently developing two solutions to best assist Patient Advocates in providing the highest, most effective, services possible.

The first solution is an app to enable HIPAA compliant communications between the advocate and the client which will incorporate client specific healthcare news and research, reminders, new technologies to assist with client specific needs, and a provider database with a rating system and multiple filters, such as geographical, insurance accepted, specialties, and education.

The second solution is an app to facilitate HIPAA compliant document sharing and communications between the payor, payee, and the advocate to coordinate and negotiate insurance claims on behalf of the patient.

Both solutions will be cloud-hosted/based on the Microsoft Azure platform on HIPAA compliant servers using state of the art security measures.