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Archives for Patient Engagement

Recently I began a new journey of healthcare innovation with a hospice and home health EMR vendor, Suncoast Solutions.

… A new article is posted at Healthcare Technology News.

Sharing the latest literature on the causes and prevention of hospital readmissions is Susan Shepard, the director of patient safety education for The Doctors Management Company. Ms. Shepard described the type of patient most at risk for readmission, some of the risks inherent in transitioning patients from one care site to another, and the contribution […]

Electronic medical records (EMRs) are posited as a tool for improving practice, policy and research in primary healthcare.

The daily engagement of Medicaid beneficiaries in self-care health monitoring programs can help healthcare organizations avoid many of the challenges inherent in working with this frequently underserved population, explains Pharos Innovations CEO Dr. Randall Williams. Once participants are identified, they are very receptive to the daily contact, which has resulted in extremely high program engagement […]

Rounding, the process of visiting patients and families at the bedside, serves many functions within a healthcare organization and has several documented successes, including improved patient safety, enhanced patient experience, better medical outcomes and staff efficiencies. Existing rounding approaches, such as “the 4 Ps model” (checking on Pain, Position, Potty, and Possessions), have demonstrated improvements […]

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